Discount Finder

An app informs you about discounts.

An application for those who don't want to pay extra for his purchases!
Install the application, and you won't need to delve into a pile of advertisement booklets looking for discounts.

● Discount Finder will let you check the downloaded discount information even when offline.
● You can bookmark discounts that you want to remember.
● Convenient search facility (filter).
● Automatic updates (frequency is configurable).
● Even after rebooting your phone you will still get information about discounts and new offers.
● With this app you will always be up to date about the recent offers and, naturally, will be able to buy cheaper.
● At this moment application works for discounts from Estonia(Prisma, Maxima, Säästumarket, Selver, Grossi). We are working on expanding our database.

Contact us by email in case you have any questions or suggestions.


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