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Hostbill & creditcard(Visa/Mastercard)

Module for making the payments by creditcard (Visa/Mastercard).
Easy and fast way of making payments, especially for customers from other countries.
The recipient, after a successful payment, immediately receives a confirmation of payment.
Supports: VISA, MasterCard, Verified by VISA, Securecode.
Version: 1.2

Installation module

  1. Unzip file hostbill-payment-creditcard-by-sparksoft_1_2.zip
  2. Put it to [hostbill]/includes/modules/Payment/
    Must be new dir: [hostbill]/includes/modules/Payment/creditcard_nets
  3. Login as Admin to Hostbill
  4. Select in menu: Settings->Modules
  5. Click on link "Payment Modules"
  6. Click on link "Inactive (N)"
  7. For CreditCard Nets - click on "activate" and then on "Edit Configuration"
  8. Configuration:
    • Field "Protocol" - use 004 only!, 002 is old version, without callback url etc.
    • Field "ServiceID" - see contract or mail from Nets Estonia.
    • Field "ServletURI" - see contract or mail from Nets Estonia.
    • Field "private_key" - this is your private key, put your Private Key.
    • Field "public_key" - this is a public key(Nets Estonia), example: (-----BEGIN CERTIFICATE----- ...).
    • Field "Delivery": S - Electronic delivery, T - Physical delivery.
    • Field "CharEncoding" - UTF-8.
P.S. When you're finished, do yourself a small invoice(0.01 EUR) and try to make the payment.


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